Cashback or Cashdonate?

Double dip what double dip, no it’s not what you do with a nacho when you want extra salsa, instead it’s a phrase that we are continually hearing in the news about the state of the current economy. So the question is this, when faced with the opportunity of free cash,  what should we do with it?

We have all heard of Quidco and Greasypalm, sites that offer consumers the ability to make a bit of extra cash just by shopping online. There is no difference in the shopping experience, the quality of the product or the final price. The only deviation is a brief detour via these sites links to track the purchase.

We now have a moral dilemma, do we go to Quidco and line our own pockets or do we seek a more socially beneficial alternative. QuickDonate is a site that has been in development for two years and started as an accidental idea as part of internal fundraising at a firm in Holborn. The purpose of the site is simple, shop and raise money for Charity. The site is plain and simple, and doesn’t have that many Charities or shops at the moment. However, more and more are being added every day.

Charities can get themselves added just by dropping an email to or by following them on Twitter. Offers, vouchers and other related information can be found at the QuickDonate Blog.

Either way, there is a recession and Charities have never public support more than they do now as donations are diminishing daily. So look down the back of sofas, in little piggies and in the pockets of old winter coats for any forgotten change that can be spared.

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