3D Cinema, Why?

I ventured out to the cinema today to see Dredd 3D, my very first viewing of a 3D film. I won’t waste time on the palpating blood vessel in my forehead when I was told the price of a 3D ticket, that has been written about extensively by cinema goers far more articulate and well versed in the subject than myself.

In case any reader is wondering why I have taken so long to dip my toe in the lukewarm bathwater of 3D, it’s quite simple, I have an astigmatism in my left eye that has always led me to believe the lack of binocular vision would reduce my enjoyment and appreciation of the format.

Sadly, it was neither the price nor the reduction of visual capability that spoiled my enjoyment of the film. In fact it was something far simpler. After we had been handed the glasses and sat to watch the film, I was unable to put them on properly. Why? Simple, I wear spectacles and the current 3D glasses do not fit over them. Thankfully, my daughter had the foresight to bring with her a couple of pairs that she had used months ago. They were larger and fit comfortably over my own.

This irritating obstacle overcome, I was able to sit and enjoy the film. Constantly flicking back and forth between 3D glasses and normal vision for the first 5 minutes to confirm that I wasn’t impeded.

Whilst Dredd 3D was a real thrill ride with Karl Urban a great choice for the 2000AD legendary lawman, I was left a little underwhelmed by the format. There didn’t seem to me to offer anything that a HD screen would not. I could not see anything that made me duck out of the way as though it were jumping from the screen.

In summary, I will stick to the 2D format, thanks all the same.

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